With What To Wear A Leather Jacket?

Such a universal and stylish thing, like a leather jacket should be present in the wardrobe of every fashionista. It is not by chance that this wardrobe item was met at almost every fashion show, because designers are very fond of working with this material.

Biker themes are undeniable trend of the cold season. It’s no wonder that designers paid so much attention to this direction. As a result of their fruitful work, a lot of fashionable and original biker jackets appeared to our attention. As a rule, such models are distinguished by the presence of oblique lightning, spikes, belts, rivets. “Kosuhy”- small black leather jackets- are very popular this season, they can be called a universal subject of the wardrobe, because you can combine them with almost anything.

The combination of biker style with light dresses is very popular among women. They go well with chiffon, silk products, as well as dresses with geometric and floral prints.

Beige and brown jackets must be mentioned as well, they are presented at almost every show. A huge number of women choose exactly these jackets, because a black jacket is considered a somewhat aggressive product, while a brown one is the embodiment of simplicity, elegance and tranquility. If you pick up clothes in close shades, you can get casual or a popular office style.

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