PomPom collection by SOFITIE

Women from Odessa are recognizable in any part of the world. By their charismatic and theatrically quiet “So what?” or “Oh, well!  Just have a look!” By the ability to be well- dressed.

We have a unique style indeed. Some inherited it from their grandmothers, along with the diamonds and red lipsticks of the 1970s. Others got the style from their mothers-blondes, wearing blue eyeliners, or from aunt Mila, who often dropped by her neighbour Shura, to sew clothes that fitted perfectly well. It’s all deep inside us. The style lives within. Each and everyone has its own story, passing from grandmother to mother, from mother to daughter, and on to next generations, creating this unique charm of girls and women in our city. We know how to weave new fashion trends into these stories, but at the same time we remain ourselves.

This is a valuable gift in the modern world, where globalization is trending. To remember who we are.  After all, it’s not about professions and certainly not about surnames, but rather a charisma, behavior and character , that tell us who we really are.

“I created the #PomPom collection for all of us. Three things will definitely fill up my huge wardrobe of 87 dresses. All the rest items I’ll hopefully see during the morning coffee in Pyshechna café on a charming brunette, shaking crumbs off her dress. Probably, on a blonde with a short haircut, wearing jeans and a T-shirt with pompons in the Istanbul park, running after her baby.”

“Maybe, on two girlfriends, in dresses, chatting , sipping Lambrusco, eating cheesecake in Terrace.Sea View restaurant, straightening  flounces and showing off their suntans. It can be a girl, with a tattoo on her arm, in a short crop-top and Caletón shorts, at the hot summer party, with long tassel ties flying to the rhythm.”

“As well as the dog of  a curly brown-haired woman, burying its nose into the lace of her skirt in Victory Park. Another one behind the wheel of a red car on the French Boulevard and her sundress straps…How do I know they are wearing SOFITIE? Simply by a special atmosphere of this quiet and radiant happiness, which I put into every item, and it is passed onto its owner.”

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