Natalia Gorbal: A New Look At The Marriage Contract

On May 4, Eurohotel, located in the center of Lviv, hosted a presentation of the book “Must-have of the season, or a new look at the marriage contract” by a well-known Kiev lawyer Natalia Gorbal.

What happens after the divorce? If not touching upon the problems of a moral and ethical nature, as the author immediately warns about, the book is certainly practical and effective for a wide range, focusing on the consequences, which is certainly right. After all, problems of a purely practical nature appear at times so often that any courtesies, curtsey and hopelessly broken hearts simply go to the background.

Then what is worth in the first place? Nothing personal, just  business on blood, as they say. Therefore, the publication refers to the regulation of relations between a man and a woman at different stages of the formation of such relationships – for spouses, partners of “civil marriage”, as well as the bride and groom, discovers unique secrets and techniques for creating an ideal family in the context of the financial component.

Some call it a “marriage of convenience,” that is, not love, but it is better to be protected from possible outcomes at once. In the book, strangely enough, everything is accurately calculated, justified and provided with interesting statistics: “Today, the statistics on the divorce is frightening: over 60% of marriages concluded in Ukraine, disintegrate, – we are remined – By the number of divorces, our country takes the third place in Europe, after Russia and Belarus. The peak of divorces in Ukrainian families occurs in first periods of marital life – that’s 3 months to a year and a half. Young families account for 52% to 62% of divorces in the country. ”

The author analyzes in detail the specific life situations that happened with people at different stages of a shared life, showing when marriage or other contracts are capable of radically changing the situation by improving it. Also, the book allows you to understand the mechanics and art of creating the ideal financial balance for a couple and get practical tools that translate this understanding into a thoughtful family development strategy in financial and property aspects. For many, this book will help you get out of a difficult situation or, conversely, not get into it.

For those who still continue to live a “civil marriage”, they will receive a real tool to protect their property rights, including how not to fall victim to other people’s debts. Therefore, this book can rightly be called a “textbook of family life.” This is also a practical guide for lawyers or students of the law faculty.

Of course, the book does not have any scientific or methodological recommendations, but it is written accessibly for everybody. For legal workers it will help to understand what a real marriage contract is, and will also allow to think about certain legislative norms and  the mechanism of their application.

“Must-have of the season, or a new look at the marriage contract” by Natalia Gorbal on the practical part of marriage is worth attention.


Photo by Bogdan Rosolovsky

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