Miss Joy 2017: Competition Results

A beauty contest was held in Lviv organized by Ukrainian magazine JOY, where participants competed for the cover.

Victoria Bulavitskaya won the contest.

1st Runner-up was Olga Zubko and 2nd Runner-up was Tina Ferber.

In Victoria’s Secret Bikini

Wearing Andre Tan collection

Miss Joy finalists wearing Stefano Lompas

Yury Kornelyuk, Victoria Bulavitskaya, Svyatoslav Lozinsky

Several comments from the winner of the contest:

Why did you decide to take part in Miss Joy competition? Was this your first contest?

«I decided to participate in Miss Joy in order to get a storm of emotions, which you get on stage, standing in front of the audience, and, of course, I wanted to get the crown, like all girls do. I took part in such projects several times, but I managed to get the victory in this particular contest. »

What difficulties were there on the way to the victory if any?

«You had to break yourself and work hard. You start to understand that for the sake of your success you need to sleep for 5 hours a day, go out on the runway having huge calluses, organize yourself and at the same time pass exam at the university. »

Any plans for the following year?

«It’s not worth stopping at what has been achieved, I will continue participating in various projects and develop my talents.»

Organizer of the competition Svyatoslav Lozinsky and Miss Joy 2017 Victoria Bulavitskaya

The organizer of the contest is Vladimir Misyailo and the Choreographer, stage director Olya Kirich

Organizers of the competition Svyatoslav Lozinsky and Vladimir Misyailo noted, that the following year is going to be full of projects, and the Lviv city will become not only the cultural capital of Ukraine, but also the capital of beauty, grace and sexuality.

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