Military is a style in which details and elements of military clothing are used. Clothing in this style appeared after the First World War. Most of the factories were destroyed, but enterprises that provided for the needs of the military were operating. Therefore, people used military clothing in everyday life, which was convenient and inexpensive.

Military is still popular. This style appears regularly in the collections of Dior, Vuitton, Celine, Miu Miu, Miguel Adrover. This style was most characteristic in wide trousers, long raincoats and parkas.

Each season brings in some particular details. In the spring of 2017 this style can be recognized by metal buttons, epaulettes on shoulders and overhead square pockets. Pants in the style of military will help diversify the wardrobe. These pants are also called “Cargo”, their feature is a large number of pockets.

Military uses all natural colors, which can be combined with bright and light colors. Khaki is the most common color, which can vary from gray-brown to dirty-yellow. Olive color and multilayering are especially popular this season. Therefore, you can easily wear pants with several layers of clothing, such as a sweater, t-shirt or scarves.

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