Lviv Fashion Week AW17: Steblakizm, GoodFellow & Geckobrass

Working on new accessories for men, Good Fellow teamed up with a full-cycle workshop for casting GeckoBrass metal products.

As a result, very naturalistic cufflinks were obtained in the form of tarantulas, scorpions and human skulls. Another direction of the collection in its form resembled Masonic signs, like the well-known triangle, with an all-seeing eye inside.

Steblakizm presented a number of authentic bags and backpacks, as if created by nature itself. Natural leather and linen fabric, painted in the colors of autumn – glowing red, dark green and black with brown.

Choosing one of the proposed options, you get a reliable satellite for travel through the stone jungle.


Text by Svetlana Arkhipova.

Photo by Yana Sverdun.

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