Kavalier Beach Club Art Season 2017: Opening of the Season

The most anticipated summer party!  Kavalier Beach Club – Art season 2017 opening of the third summer season, held on May, 26. More than 1500 guests from Lviv and Kiev got the opportunity to win valuable prizes ,kindly presented by the following partners of the event: Olena Dats, Elite Club, Bianca, Beaumonde, Impero Uomo, Galychyna Auto – Mercedes Benz, Slastion, Sail, Apple City and many others. Celebrity presenters Carolina Ashion and Vasilisa Frolova made the evening unforgettable. All this took place in between the shows of the following Ukrainian designers: T.Mosca, Olena Dats, Slastion, Katerina Kvit, Impero Uomo.

Фото: Богдан Росоловський

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