Известные Украинские Дизайнеры

Andre Tan

A man who represents Ukrainian fashion on the world stage for a long time already . He started his work at the age of 11, when he went attended sewing courses. It was when he came up with the idea of such pseudonym. He introduced a new trend in fashion – Smart Couture at the show “Fall-Winter 2006-2007”

Oksana Karavanska

“Fashion is a cocktail of eclectic winds mixed in a shaker of time.”

Oksana graduated from the Lviv National Academy of Arts. Her collections are full of elements of eclectic and ethnic styles. She  was the first ukrainian designer to release her perfume.

Sasha Kanevsky

The founder of the Sasha Kanevsky clothing brand . He is well-known outside Ukraine. In the production of clothes, he uses natural materials, such as linen and cotton. Recently combines sporty and casual styles.

Oksana Mukha

Designer Oksana Mukha became famous for her wedding dresses , such as Crystal Swan, Oksana, Solomiya and Ketrin, which have been repeatedly awarded at various wedding fashion shows.

Lilia Litkovskaya

Lilia Litkovskaya is a unique designer. Her clothes are popular among fashionistas  and hipsters. In the collections of her own brand Litkovskaya, Liliya promotes the philosophy of personal freedom.

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