How long have the swimsuits been around?

The modern swimsuit has a fascinating history. In the past, women wore bathing suits that covered almost every inch of their body, but over the years swimsuits turned into bikinis, that we wear now.

In the 18th century, only the representatives of the lower social population could afford to bathe naked, and upper class women had to swim in spacious, baggy bathrobes from thin batiste , lace and silk.

These dressing gowns frenzied and stumbled in the water, and upon going out of the water, ladies experienced them tightly close, thus exposing their bodies. Therefore, women were forced to rest on separate beaches.

In 1934, people first saw Hollywood actresses in separate swimsuits, which exposed bellies and belly buttons.

Over the years, swimwear became more explicit, but that doesn’t stop even high ranked people from wearing them. Brigitte Bardot is believed to have put on a bikini swimsuit first.

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