Alla Kostromycheva: A Success Story

Alla was born and raised in Sevastopol, she studied at a secondary school, and was not the tallest girl in the class. Kostromycheva complexed about too thin legs and because of this refused to wear skirts.

She did not consider herself a beauty, worried that her hair was too thick, and the skin was too sensitive. Alla was very suspicious, but at the same time stubborn and purposeful girl. Thanks to her character and after a while, she managed to overcome all the complexes and make the world appreciate her beauty, talents and even business qualities.

After graduation, Kostromycheva entered the Faculty of Medicine at the Sevastopol National Technical University. The girl did not consider medicine her future and dreamed of acting in films. Therefore, when she was offered a model job, she agreed without hesitation. In the second year of university, signing a contract with the Italian modeling agency Why Not, Alla flew to work in Milan.

It was a difficult but very important period in the life of the future well-known model. To maintain the necessary weight, she had to limit herself while eating. The regime of the day was tough, so the young Kostromycheva slept little and was often sick.

Studying at the fourth year of the university, Alla received an offer from Givenchy to work in Paris, and she agreed. After graduation in Sevastopol, the self-confident girl signed a contract with the international agency Women and moved to New York. Then she was 22 years old – in the modeling business this is quite the age.

“I was brought up so that first I got a higher education. After all, the modeling business is very risky. I do not understand girls who drop out of school at the age of 15 to work as a model in Paris’, Alla says.

So Kostromycheva quickly became the most popular of Ukrainian models. She opened the shows of the best brands, like Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Armani, Saint Laurent. Alla worked a lot in advertising and developed her career.

At the moment, Kostromycheva is still on the runway, but the main focus is her own modeling agency KModels, which is based in Ukraine and helps girls get work on Fashion Weeks aroun the world.

Alla lives in New York and dates a guy who is nine years older than her. His name is Jason, he works as a crisis manager at a New York investment company. In the relations, the model, according to her confessions, most appreciates mutual understanding. Jason is the man who has accomplished everything himself. When asked about her main fear in life, Alla admits that she is afraid of being weak.

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